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Steve & Lynda
January 2020

We found Denise Sharp by just pure luck. We were looking at a condo in the Squaw Peak area of Phoenix. Denise’s warm caring personality immediately helped us realize that she was on “our side” and that she had our personal concerns, limits and goals as her base line never pushing us in an uncomfortable position. We never bought the condo and actually stayed in our home on the west slopes of Squaw Peak Mountain in Phoenix for about six more months. We then decided since I was retiring and that we didn’t need such a big home anymore that we would go back out and start looking at homes again. We remembered Denise as being so helpful when we looked at condos. When we called Denise, she immediately made herself available and we met in our home. She sat with us for a long time discussing how we felt about this very emotional transaction. We then knew it was the right thing to do, to put our trust in Denise’s hands. After working out our sales strategy, we sat back. She amazed us on how fast she got the ball rolling. She had several open houses with balloons and bottled water for people coming through our home. Once we had an offer on our house that’s when Denise went into an entire different mode.

Denise also assisted us in locating a new home that met our needs and financial limits. Some how she managed to set things up to close on the same day as our old home. That is not an easy feat, as it required a well seasoned professional realtor, as Denise was to assemble such a task.

We have since referred our cousins from Boston to Denise and she repeated her same valor of service to ensure our cousins were represented with full confidence and trust in Denise as they did most of the transaction from out of state. Denise kept our cousins totally up to date and ensured everything fell together as planned.

We would highly recommend Denise Sharp as one who you can totally trust. You will be amazed to see her in action and how well she will negotiate to ensure that you will be in good hands as we were. Thanks Denise!

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